Since their inception in 2011, ATOMGA has continued to be a unique staple in the Colorado music circuit. For the past eight years, ATOMGA has evolved their sound to be a unique brand of Afrobeat infused with elements of rock, jazz, hip hop as well as classical. Using this foundation, they are able to build poly-rhythms which always gets their audience moving!

On a national and international level, ATOMGA has had remixes by artists such as Grant Phabao at Paris DJ's in Paris, France and Craig Welsch at Rear Window Studio in Boston. They also have a gold medal winning beer named after them in Curitiba, Brazil from Bodebrown which is served periodically at Banded Oak Brewing Company in Denver. ATOMGA has supported artists such as Femi Kuti and the Positive Force and Seun Kuti and Egypt 80 from Nigeria and many nationally touring bands. Eight years in and ATOMGA shows no sign of slowing down.

ATOMGA is proud to announce that their latest release, "AGA", is now available on vinyl!!! AGA shows the band's evolving sound through layered compositions of high energy music that will get your blood moving and the sweat pouring down! This body of work shows a new side to the band with a certain musicality that highlights each of the ten band members and lyrical messages that tastefully question the powers that be.

ATOMGA has a reputation for live performances which provide a fun filled dance party for all ages and all walks of life.


“It’s refreshing to attend a concert where the lyrics spread such positive messages while also having the power to keep you dancing for hours on end.” -Chloe Dore, 303 Magazine

“Once you witness the major dosage of authentic Afrobeat the band drops into their body of danceable wonderment, there is no turning back.” - Colorado Music Buzz

"ATOMGA specializes in positive vibes, authentic Nigerian Afrobeat and funk/soul sounds ideal for dancing your ass off." -Ru Johnson, Westword

"The songs that ATOMGA performed were intricate and detailed and the band’s stage presence was loose and flowing. You cannot help but have fun when you see these musicians energetically rock the stage." -Brian Turk, Listen Up Denver

"The sound, anything but pedestrian, was an inspiring find. Definitely a band to watch for the fusion/Afrobeat crowd." -Billy Thieme, Reverb

ATOMGA is...

LaSha "Calyptic" Afarko - Vocals

Casey Hrdlicka - Guitar

Peter Mouser - Keyboards, Fender Rhodes

Alice Hansen - Trumpet

Frank Roddy - Tenor Saxophone

Leah Concialdi - Baritone Saxophone

Sam Lafalce - Bass Guitar

Jared "Jball" Fischer - Congas, Bongos, Djembe

Matt Schooley - Timbales, Auxiliary Percussion

J.R. Ranck - Drums