Mad Genius World Music Station

We hope everyone's having a wonderful start to 2015! We're gearing up for a busy year and can't wait to finish up this FULL-LENGTH album for everyone's listening enjoyment.

A couple months ago, I was asked to curate a "world music" station for Mad Genius Radio. To be honest, I've never been an advocate for the term "world music" (hence the quotations). I believe it is an unfair representation to lump so many different styles of music into one category. Its original intent was to "promote" non-Western music, but the term is outdated and just like the word "genre" itself, belongs on Starbucks counters and on the website

Moving on.... ;)

As implied, the term "world music" can wear many hats. Rather than get completely broad in style with no central focus, I decided to keep the bulk of the station rooted in afrobeat. The reason being is afrobeat is a style of music that is literally represented all over the world. I found afrobeat bands from Japan (Kingdom Afrocks), Italy (Classica Orchestra Afrobeat), Brazil (Bixiga 70), Switzerland (Imperial Tiger Orchestra), and beyond. Putting my earlier high-horsed/tongue-in-cheek notions aside, I truly think that it's incredible that regions and cultures EVERYWHERE resonate with this music. For us to share a little piece of that with brothers and sisters all over the globe is amazing and shows that music is a power that unites all.

Once a solid afrobeat foundation was laid, I was able to branch out and explore selections in highlife, cumbia, ethio-jazz, samba, tropical beats, and beyond. 

The goal of this station was not to find the deepest 30-minute Fela cuts, but rather, to showcase rhythms of the world and appeal to listeners from all musical walks of life. However, I hope that world music afficianados are able to find dusty gems and hidden treasures in this collection.

Time and time again, people ask me who are similar bands to ATOMGA and aren't quite sure what afrobeat even is and I'm thrilled to have a go-to, tangible collection that demonstrates some of the best "world music" out there.

Definitely check out Mad Genius Radio, as it is the most customizable internet radio station out there, is ad and algorithm-free, and always curated by actual humans!

Link to station:

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I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on this station as it will be consistently updated. OH, and be on the lookout for the announcement of our next Denver show. Let's just say you will need "AAA" batteries for this one. (<----quite possibly the lamest thing I've ever said).

<3 Leah/Rage-ity Ann/Goes to 11