ATOMGA Roadtrip!!!

We are so thrilled to finally take Atomga out of state for the first time. We are heading to the mid-west tomorrow with stops in Des Moine, Iowa City, Chicago, Lafayette IN, and Kearney NE. If you are in or near any of these towns/cities, please come to get down with us! See you on the dance floor!!

Happy New Year!

We want to thank all of you for showing us support and giving us a reason to play music. 2015 was a great year for us. From the release of Black Belt to tasting ATOMGA Russian Imperial Stout for the first time (and meeting the cats from Bodebrown in Brazil who crafted the beer) to getting sweaty with all of you fine booty shakin' folks. We celebrated 5 years as a band and we show no signs of slowing down. Currently, we are writing several new songs and we hope to test drive them on you at a show soon. We have big plans for 2016 so BRING IT ON!!! Hope you ALL have a Happy and Safe New Year!!!

Happy 5th Birthday ATOMGA!!!

October 19, 2010 was ATOMGA first rehearsal. We have had lots and lots of fun since then and hope to have lots more. We are grateful to all of you who have supported us along the way! We are currently writing new material and can't wait to share those songs with you sometime soon. We are having a birthday celebration at my house on Novemeber 14th so save the date!! Also, a shout out to all of the past members of ATOMGA who helped us in our journey. Love and Respect! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ATOMGA!!!!!

Exciting news!!!!

We have been having a great summer, playing a bunch of fun shows, some of which are in new cities and venues, and some were revisiting places we may not have played for a while. All in all, we have been enjoying life, meeting new friends and getting sweaty. With fall arriving, summer was winding down but our show schedule is keeping right on pace...

We have three exciting shows coming up in the next two weeks.

We are stoked to be back in Fort Collins on Saturday, September 19th for FORToberfest (we go on at around noon) in Old Town Square. 

My legs get a little wobbly on this announcement... we are extremely pleased to announce that we are supporting Karl Denson's Tiny Universe on September 26th at the Ogden! For the past few years, we have covered some of Karl's songs and we are grateful to be heating up the stage for him! It's going to be a party!!!

Then, on October 1st, we will return to the 1-Up Colfax to support TOO MANY ZOOZ, the band that got there start playing in the subways in New York! 

Hope to see your lovely faces and your sweaty dancing bodies at these upcoming events!!!

On a different topic... if you don't have our new album, Black Belt in your collection yet, there is no time like the present to grab it. we will have CDs and thumbdrives of Black Belt at our upcoming shows but if you want to get it immediately, then go to and snag it from there. Of course, you can always contact one of us too. 

Have a great week and see you soon!


1.23.15 1-Up Set

Happy Super Bowl Sunday. Some of us like football and some of us just like excuses to eat gluttonous portions of beer and wings. Whatever floats your boat, check out our set from 1-Up last weekend courtesy of Gabe Green and the good folks at Phoncert!

Mad Genius World Music Station

We hope everyone's having a wonderful start to 2015! We're gearing up for a busy year and can't wait to finish up this FULL-LENGTH album for everyone's listening enjoyment.

A couple months ago, I was asked to curate a "world music" station for Mad Genius Radio. To be honest, I've never been an advocate for the term "world music" (hence the quotations). I believe it is an unfair representation to lump so many different styles of music into one category. Its original intent was to "promote" non-Western music, but the term is outdated and just like the word "genre" itself, belongs on Starbucks counters and on the website

Moving on.... ;)

As implied, the term "world music" can wear many hats. Rather than get completely broad in style with no central focus, I decided to keep the bulk of the station rooted in afrobeat. The reason being is afrobeat is a style of music that is literally represented all over the world. I found afrobeat bands from Japan (Kingdom Afrocks), Italy (Classica Orchestra Afrobeat), Brazil (Bixiga 70), Switzerland (Imperial Tiger Orchestra), and beyond. Putting my earlier high-horsed/tongue-in-cheek notions aside, I truly think that it's incredible that regions and cultures EVERYWHERE resonate with this music. For us to share a little piece of that with brothers and sisters all over the globe is amazing and shows that music is a power that unites all.

Once a solid afrobeat foundation was laid, I was able to branch out and explore selections in highlife, cumbia, ethio-jazz, samba, tropical beats, and beyond. 

The goal of this station was not to find the deepest 30-minute Fela cuts, but rather, to showcase rhythms of the world and appeal to listeners from all musical walks of life. However, I hope that world music afficianados are able to find dusty gems and hidden treasures in this collection.

Time and time again, people ask me who are similar bands to ATOMGA and aren't quite sure what afrobeat even is and I'm thrilled to have a go-to, tangible collection that demonstrates some of the best "world music" out there.

Definitely check out Mad Genius Radio, as it is the most customizable internet radio station out there, is ad and algorithm-free, and always curated by actual humans!

Link to station:

Don't forget—we are supporting Dave Watts Super Jam featuring members of Kung Fu, ALO, Tea Leaf Green, The Motet and MORE THIS FRIDAY at 1-Up. You can purchase tickets here:

I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on this station as it will be consistently updated. OH, and be on the lookout for the announcement of our next Denver show. Let's just say you will need "AAA" batteries for this one. (<----quite possibly the lamest thing I've ever said).

<3 Leah/Rage-ity Ann/Goes to 11

2014 Recap /// 2015 Blast Off

What a wonderful year it's been in ATOMGA land. We wrote some of our best songs to date (and you haven't even heard some of our heaviest fire yet!), played to fans new and old, swam naked together (side note: it was the Valley View Hot Springs and totally OK), headlined The Gothic Theatre, and strengthened our loving, yet perverted bonds with one another.

2015 is already shaping up to be one hell of a good time! We enter the new year with a pair of front range shows including:

1/9 - Bohemian Biergarten (Boulder, CO)

1/23 - 1-Up Colfax (Denver, supporting Dave Watts' Super Jam)

We also see light at the end of the tunnel wrapping up our full-length album at Scanhope Sound. This collection includes some tunes we've been road-testing the past few months as well as some new goodies for your listening enjoyment. As proud as we are of our EP, this album will demonstrate a new level of musical maturity as we gel harder than ever and display a well-rounded collection of compositions written by several members of the group.

Stay tuned for more details on a spring release as well as to-be-announced mountain dates and more.

This morning we received the news that we were listed as a "recommended newcomer" on 's 2014 roundup. This site is a goldmine for info and resources regarding "world music" and it is truly an honor to be included on a list that features artists from all over the world. If you want to learn more about the music we play or discover new artists, THIS is DEFINITELY a site to check out. Check out the link here:

Thank you to everyone who helped make 2014 an stellar year for ATOMGA whether it was coming to a show, telling a friend about our music, or just being your crazy selves, we appreciate all friends, fans, and family in our lives. Cheers to a great year and an even bigger cheers for a big year to come!

Houston, We Have Lift Off....

The past few months have been big for ATOMGA behind the scenes.  We have members representing ensembles of all kind across Denver, getting ready to travel the world, creating beautiful custom jewelry, launching new companies, and killing it across the board.

We have also debuted our new website--fully equipped with a blog (right here!), store, up-to-date info about shows, media, and more.  We hope to use this blog as a catalyst for regular visits and it is our goal to have several members of ATOMGA contributing content, not just regarding ATOMGA news, but covering bases of crate digging, music we are currently diggin' on, travels, opinion pieces, etc.  When you put 10 minds together, things can get pretty strange (in a good way).  

With this "official" blog "announcement," we want to make sure everyone is aware of our upcoming headlining show at the historic Gothic Theatre Wednesday, November 26th.  We carefully selected an all-star cast of groups to share this bill with including SuperCollider (boasting some of Denver's finest musicians for their unique brand of jazz/rock), The Abstract Collective (think multi-syllabic, forward-thinking lyrics of The Roots meeting the melodic potency of Tycho), and Contraband (a stellar group of talented musicians with extraordinary reggae/ska/afrobeat vibes).

We need everybody to crew up and make it out for what's sure to be a Thanksgiving pre-party of epic proportions.  Additionally, we want to make it as affordable as possible to partake in our shenanigans, so we have $10 presale tickets available which saves you money at the door and NO SERVICE FEES!  Feel free to reach out and send us a message via social media or contact one of us directly and we'll set you up with as many tickets as you need.

This will be our final show of 2014 as our time will be well-spent focusing on finishing up our follow-up full-length album and gearing up for some colossal plans for the upcoming year.  Thank you again for the continued support and we hope to catch you at the ass-shaking party of the year on the 26th!


Richard and Erin just got married!!!

We would like to shout out and congratulate Richard Schlozman, our former bass guitarist, and Erin Levin on their marriage! So happy to see this wonderful couple tie the knot. Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Schlozman!!!!

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Four years ago today ATOMGA had it's first rehearsal and thus began this wonderful journey of jamming afrobeat/funk grooves and meeting wonderful people along the way. Within the past year, we released our first EP and are already recording again so be on the lookout in early spring for a new release!

Come to Three Kings on Broadway in Denver on Friday night and help us celebrate as we share the stage with Rowdy Shadehouse, Hamhock and Jack Atlas! It promises to be utter craziness! See you all on Friday!! FR